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Heritage Children, Bhujel

Project Description: 

The town of Bhujel sits 6,500 metres above sea-level, in a rough mountainous area about 26 km from the capital Kathmandu. The remote farming community of about 80 people typically rely on maize, millet and potatoes for sustenance. The town’s economy is based solely on agriculture, and as a result parents often have their children working on the land rather than attending school.

Most of the population have little or no access to schooling; they live in mud and thatch homes with very basic sanitation and open-pit latrines. Daily living requires hard manual labour, and often poor health conditions such as asthma and hepatitis take their toll, leaving orphans to be supported by siblings or extended family.

Working with brother Peter Fry (UK) and local Nepalese community leaders, Meal-a-Day has been providing support for children from Bhujel to continue to attend school, including provision of educational resources.

There are also currently considerations for the possible funding of infrastructure including protective perimeter fencing and sanitation services for the town’s orphanage

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Target Budget: 
$A2 500.00
Benefits so far: 

Meal-a-Day to-date has been able to support the education of 8 children in this small remote community.

An education is an opportunity for a child to be literate in a largely illiterate country. The funding is designed to promote learning rather than only manual labour as an option for these Nepalese children. It also provides the children with opportunities they wouldn’t otherwise have - when they leave school they may choose to pursue further education and/or a greater variety of vocations.

School reports show students to be performing well, even under these difficult circumstances.

Our work with Heritage Children has also involved supporting the development of the Bhujel Orphanage. In 2012 Meal-a-Day funded the construction of permiter fencing, using local materials and labourers - providing security for the children and ensuring the orphanage boundaries are secure.

Working in partnership: 

As with all our projects, we work in partnership with communities on the ground and with well-established organizations, which share similar work ethic and objectives to us.

Heritage Children is a UK-registered Christadelphian charity which has been active in Nepal since 2005, lead by brother Peter Fry from the UK. The funding is managed on the ground by Mr and Mrs Keshab and Shushma Regmi, “who have a proven record over 20 years in managing charitable projects in Nepal”, says Heritage’s secretary Peter Fry who visits the Nepalese communities on a regular basis.

More Information: 

About our Meal-a-Day activities on-the-ground:

  • Contact our Project Coordinators, Jacob & Johanna Morgan

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