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Looking to help?

We are always keen to hear from people who'd like to help with the work of Meal-a-Day.

Over the years we have built up quite a list of ideas and examples and we'd be interested to hear your experiences and creative suggestions too.

Here are a couple of priority areas where we welcome your involvement:

  • Fund-raising - e.g. organise an event with a group of friends, or special fund-raising drive for your favourite project; we have a number of youth groups who are choosing a particular project and then creating fund-raising initiatives to help meet their target.  Others make hand-crafted jewellery for sale, host a cafe or music event, run you can see the options are many and varied.  What would you like to do?
  • Publicity - have you considered acting as a contact point for your local area, communicating latest updates to your ecclesial/social community network, as well as providing us with news on your latest activities and good ideas to share with others?  Our main team are based in Melbourne, so it's great to have people across the other states and cities in Australia and New Zealand who are able to help spread the word.
We have a range of resources that can be readily provided to assist in your local publicity or fund-raising activities, including posters, flyers, DVD, gift cards, as well as tailored presentations - just let us know, and we can help make the appropriate arrangements with you.  
We are currently in the very early stages of exploring options for a partnership volunteer program for those who may like to travel to a country and offer practical skills with communities across Asia-Pacific. Our Americas team run a practical home-building program for poor communities in South America, so this may be something we can consider in the future too.   It is early days, so watch this space for now.
Please remember to keep the work and the many community recipients of Meal-a-Day in your prayers. 



See our new resources page for more material, ideas and support for running your own event.

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