Tibetan Refugee Community Development, Various Camps

Project Description: 

Nepal is a place of refuge to more than 20,000 Tibetans who have been leaving their homeland since the conflict with the Chinese government escalated in 1959, the year the Dalai Lama fled the country. They have been ‘settled’ for more than 50 years in basic camps set up by the UN refugee agency however the majority have no defined legal status. Global Press Institute reports that those who arrived before 1990 have still not received refugee cards; this uncertainty affects the ability to find gainful employment.

Meal-a-Day helps fund a number of refugee development projects in a partnership originally set-up with UK Meal-a-Day and Trek-Aid, we are pleased to now continue the work from the Asia-Pacific region.

  • Meal-a-Day is currently helping the refugees equip the community kitchens in the Tashi Gang and Paljorling camps. The community kitchens perform a dual function as an important place to draw the community together for regular communal meals and also providing food and nutrition for the elderly and ill within the communities.
  • In Paljorling and Jampaling, many of the refugee women seek to work during the day, including agricultural labour or weaving. This is important to supplement their otherwise limited incomes. Meal-a-Day helps support the provision of a nursery teacher in the camp, as well as other aspects of the nursery operations, to allow women the opportunity to seek daily employment. 
  • In the Tashiling camp, the Elderly people's nutrition program is funded by Meal-a-Day. The program provides bi-monthly meals to all the elderly citizens of the camp. These meals are highly nutritional and sustaining for the aged within the Tashiling Tibetan community.
  • Medical grants are provided to refugees from a cluster of five refugee communities in and near to Pokhara, west Nepal. These grants help refugee patients pay for tests, medicines and hospital treatments that would otherwise be unaffordable.
Project Type: 
Nursery Care
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Target Budget: 
$A13 000.00
Benefits so far: 

The medical grants assisted 74 patients in a recent funding cycle. Patients ranged from 18 to 88 years old and had a wide range of illnesses including gastroenteritis, dysentery, cataract eye operations and osteoarthritis.

Grants to help the ill get treatment to return them to health is complemented by the environmental and sanitation projects, which have helped keep the refugee camps clean and minimize disease and infection.

Our recent education assistance program helped 35 students each year prepare for and improve performance in their exams. While they are studying, working mothers can contribute financially to their families as the nursery cares for their young children.

Working in partnership: 

As with all our projects, we work in partnership with communities on the ground and with well-established organizations, which share similar work ethic and objectives to us.

Trek Aid, a UK-registered charity, has been helping Tibetan refugees in Nepal and India for several decades and has been working in partnership with the UK Meal-a-Day Fund for many years before transition to Asia-Pacific. Trek Aid have a wide ranging program agenda, including health, education and support for the elderly as well as new refugees. Trek Aid also organizes and runs expeditions in the Himalayas, with nearly 40 years experience in the region. They were the first trekking company to do aid treks and projects, and the first to train Sherpas in eco-protection. 

Meal-a-Day funds, together with those of other families and groups with a connection to the Tibetan refugee community, help Trek Aid work with volunteers and medical, educational and other aid staff to achieve their aims. In Paljorling, for instance, Trek Aid supports the Settlement Youth Committee in its camp clean-up events.

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